The wines

The wines

The significant number of cuvées is due to the fact that each parcel is separately vinified. The work of the soil which obliges roots to dive, natural yeasts which become soaked all year long of their environment our way of working... mark enormously the terroir's identity.


We don't use method or oenological product which would have the effect of standardizing. Our way of working confers on our wines an aromatic profile more from the parcel than varietal. It is for that reason and in the approch of authenticity that as possible, every parcel is a cuvée.


The whites :


Nicot Blanc, terroir of the church of Murles, deep argilo-calcareous ground. In a low bottom very under cover, sensitive to spring frosts and to mildew. For the anecdote, white Marssanne and Grenache.


La Valière, terroir of Cousteyrasse, argilo-silty ground facing NORTH. Parcel of land of Cinsault (Les Mauves) graft with Viognier in 1982, only half of the transplants set.


Barbaste, terroir of the Mas Neuf in Argelliers, very calcareous ground. The parcel of land of Chardonnay is very sensitive to frosts. Barbaste means white frost in Occitan.


Fleur Blanche, terroir of the Mas de Perry on the argilo-silty deep ground, sensitive to spring frosts.


Camp of Lèbre, "Field of hare" in Occitan, so named by the presence of numerous hares which in the spring take part of bud; parcel of land argilo calcareous of white carignan exposed WEST.


The rosé :


Nicot Rosé, terroir of Les Saules in Murles, argilo-calcareous ground exposed EAST.



The reds :


Nicot Red, assembly of the terroir of Le Poujol exposed NORTH, on the argilo-sitly ground and Les Saules of argilo-calcareous ground exposed EAST. Two plots of land which mature very late.


Cariño, terroir of La Marèle in Argelliers, argilo-siliceous ground in the unrefined size grading. Parcel of land of carignan planted in the 50s.


L'Indigène, terroir of Patou and Les Planas, in Murles facing WEST for the syrah and EAST for Grenache. Le Mas Neuf and La Marèle in Argelliers for the carignan and the syrah.


Les Hauts de Perry, terroir of Closcas in Murles. On this very calcareous parcel of land in 270m of height exposed NORTH-WEST, the source rock appears. This plateau stemming from the Jurassic dominates the Mas de Perry, where from the name of the cuvée.


Les Mauves, terroir of Cousteyrasse, argilo-sitly ground exposed NORTH. Parcel of land of Cinsault planted in the 1960s.


Carmin, terroir of the Mas Neuf in Argelliers and of the Planas in Murles, this alternative in our philosophy is dictated by the practical side.




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